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Weaving Narratives that Shape the Future

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Ever since I started writing science fiction at the age of 10, I've been inspired by Akira Toriyama's work "Dragon Ball", which led me to teach myself manga drawing. Sharing my work online or circulating it among friends has always been my motivation.I've maintained the habit of keeping a diary in manga, which has given me outstanding abilities in screenwriting and scene drawing, making me an excellent story designer.


I excel at storytelling through various mediums, whether it's video, slides, documents, or one-pagers, I can explain messages simply to a variety of audiences. I have extensive cross-functional experience, capable of leading in complex environments, with the ability to influence and collaborate with multiple stakeholders at all levels.


I possess innovative thinking and a strong drive, able to shift between strategy and execution. I have a deep understanding of complex and deeply technical topics, and can explain them in person, visually, and in writing.

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In the Design Futures course at the Royal College of Art, I delved into the methodology of future narrative. This unique learning experience not only enhanced my design skills but also gave me a deeper understanding of how to construct and tell stories about the future. I learned how to predict and depict possible futures by researching and analyzing current social, cultural, and technological trends.

Combined with my personal narrative techniques, I can more intuitively present my "future protagonist" to my audience. I not only create engaging characters but also build the world they inhabit and their lives. This approach, which combines personal narrative techniques with future narrative methodology, allows me to create unique and engaging stories.

My story "Future Artefacts" is an example of this approach. In this story, I created a series of "future artefacts", which are the materialization of my imagination and predictions about the future. Audiences can understand and feel my imagination of the future more intuitively by interacting with these "future artefacts".

In the Design Futures course at the Royal College of Art, I learned not only knowledge and skills but more importantly, how to apply these knowledge and skills to practice, creating impactful designs and stories. I believe that through my designs and stories, I can help people better understand and face the future.

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I have a global perspective, understanding and appreciating cultural differences, which allows me to work globally. I am passionate about telling stories that can change the world. I believe that through my stories, I can help people understand and appreciate the wonderful world we live in.

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