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We currently find ourselves amidst explosive growth in AI and robotics. Throughout this year, particularly during the initial stages of the Cybercommunity project, I witnessed AI surpassing my own capabilities with each passing day. I also observed a concerning trend where numerous "OpenAI" initiatives transformed into "ClosedAI" endeavours. The competition among technology companies and the inertia within policy-making processes appear to be aligning with the timelines outlined in my projects.

Allow me to pose a question to all of you:


Have you felt a sense of anxiety this year?

Are you apprehensive about the advent of AI?

Returning to the core essence of my project, I aspire to alleviate such anxiety through my work. I remain optimistic that robotics and AI technologies will ultimately emancipate us from toil. Over the past few months, as I collaborated closely with AI and robots, I gained a glimmer of assurance in this belief. It is my ardent wish to convey this positive outlook on AI through my project, and I sincerely hope that you will discover your own utopia within the realm of my envisioned future.

RCA 2023 SHOW - Immersive Utopian Experiment with Magic Leap

Project Overview:

During the RCA 2023 SHOW, I developed an immersive experience aiming to envision the community landscape of 2052. By utilizing the MR glasses - Magic Leap, I created an interactive experiment that placed exhibition attendees in a first-person perspective of the future.

Key Features:

  • 3D Future Community Rendering: A meticulously crafted 3D scene representing a potential community in the year 2052.

  • Immersive Interaction: By leveraging the capabilities of Magic Leap and Oculus, attendees were deeply immersed, allowing them to rapidly transition into a futuristic experience.

  • Utopian Exploration: This experiment was designed not just as a visual treat but as a medium for attendees to reflect upon and conceptualize their ideal utopian world.

Yingri Xu-08.png
Yingri Xu-07.png
Weixin Image_20230808135304.jpg

(If you have any devices that can view VR mode, please click the button 'View in VR' to enter the world online)



Exploring the Cybercommunism Manifesto 2050

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