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Xu Yingri is an interdisciplinary designer, cartoonist, and maker. His field lies at the intersection of science, design and art, and he is currently pursuing a master's degree in Design Products/Design Futures at the Royal College of Art.

Working in Progress

Strategic Design/Speculative Design/Design Futures
Research topics: robotics/artificial intelligence/metaverse/smart city/smart manufacture

Sustainable System/Regenerative Design
Research topic: To explore whether recycled waste (taking traditional Chinese medicine waste residue as an example) can be used for 3D printing

资源 1_4x.png
资源 14.png
资源 1_4x-100_edited.png
资源 1.png
资源 2.png
资源 1@4x.png
资源 1.png
资源 1.png


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